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DON'T USE LEFT-OVERS FROM LAST YEAR. (If the medical form doesn't have a red line on it that mentions the new "Special Dietary Needs" form, it's the wrong one.) You may need to visit specific festival pages to get director's preference forms.

Recent Updates (As of Oct. 9, 2013)
-District Orchestra Page updated
-District Orchestra forms & new manual added
-Update to IU5 Eastern Chorus Fest page

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Audition materials for Piccolo, Eb Soprano and Double Bass for All-State Band are available now at:  The first chair piccolo, Eb Sop. Cl and Double Bass at District band will have a window of opportunity to submit and audition for All-State Band.  Details are in the Fall PMEA magazine on pg. 71. 
Audition material for All East are also available at If you have an outstanding Sophomore or Junior who was accepted to District Band, have them start on this now.  Everyone else on the East Coast who is serious about moving on is practicing.  The submission information is also on pg. 71 of the Fall PMEA magazine.
If you cannot find the article, please contact Shawn Hofmann at
Have your students start practicing now, don't wait.  Everyone else in the state who knows about these opportunities and want the spots will be practicing.
Shawn Hofmann
President, PMEA District 2
Director, Ridgway Area Band Program
814-773-3164 x3221

Password for Meeting Minutes

Since minutes sometimes contain debates about policy & procedure revisions, they are password protected. Contact Rob Pearce if you are a PMEA member and need the password.
District 2 Choral Library PDF File
Warning...this is a large download, 25 MB. It will take a full minute to download using a cable modem. I'm slowly turning it into a database, but it will take time.
All State Re-Audition Etude Information!
Remember, underclass members of many ensembles are required to audition on an etude. INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE HERE.